The Huawei P9 is there top of the range phone in the higher price range with all the latest drivers and software on the market to date. It has a 5.5in display with 4GB RAM and 36GB ROM, dual lenses for the best quality HD pictures that you can get from a phone, 3400mh battery the latest version of android with options to update as soon as the latest versions are out. The customer says “there is everything you could think of in one place, and it actually works!” So what is coming next? What does Huawei have in store for us in 2017? They have a huge shoe to fill after the P9 so only time will tell.

But Huawei’s EMUI Android customization is still one of the phone’s biggest downfalls, I’ve been using the Google Now launcher in its place (which is better). But even with an alternative launcher, unfortunately you still can’t escape some of the more niggling aspects of Huawei’s UI like the lock screen and notification bar, it will become easy in time but it is still not ideal. But Huawei in the beginning where a company that not a lot of people knew of, well let me tell you now they have hit the market big time. They are a Chinese based company who design and manufacture the Huawei brand to perfection. One-plus brand, IPhone and most other phone out there all have Chinese insides chip sets, cameras, touch screen, gorilla glass and these are all Chinese made. Since they started manufacturing, there phone especially have been flying through the market offering the latest in all technology and keeping up with the modern day style when it comes to the design and all out out-come of the phone, looking sleek and mostly made from metal they truly feel strong and well-built n your hand. 

Huawei Smartphone