Steelseries Keyboards

Hey everyone, hope that January is treating you well and a warm welcome back to my electronics blog. As you know, I like to talk about anything electronic or computer related, so today I wanted to talk about keyboards. Specifically, Steelseries keyboards. See, I found this cheap used ad online that has lots of different Steelseries keyboards. Lots of different types. When looking at over half a dozen different models it is really hard to pick, so I made a little guide for myself and thought why not share it with you guys? So here it is, my guide for picking a Steelseries keyboard.

Where to start?

When you are looking at buying an expensive keyboard, you will first want to check what games you are normally playing to see what your needs are. Do you play first person shooters, massive online battle arenas, real time strategies or massive online multiplayers? This can make a huge difference in what you are wanting to purchase, so make sure to weigh that in your decisions. You will also need to pick the switch and whether you prefer mechanical or membrane switches, which are more of a personal choice than anything else; like Iphone or Android.

Apex 100

Starting at the bottom of the list is the Apex 100. The Apex 100 is an illuminated gaming keyboard that features Quick Tension Switches, which are designed to mimic the operation of a mechanical switch. The key needs to only be pressed half way down to activate it, resulting in faster registration that can greatly impact gameplay. The switches are designed to deliver that unmatched precision and key feel from click one to click twenty million. Also featured is advanced anti-ghosting that supports the 24 most commonly used gaming keys.

Apex 350 on desk

Apex 300

The Apex 300 is a sleek, low profile gaming keyboard with some eye-catching white illumination on all keys. The Apex 300 included the same Quick Tension switches as the 100 giving you the keys to victory. The keys are fast, and built low to give you that quick reaction that can be the difference between life and virtual death. The Apex 300 is supported by SteelSeries Engine 3, meaning that you can configure the lighting, profiles and the macro settings from the program. It also has keys around the entire keyboard that you can assign to macros.

Apex RAW Keyboard

Apex 350

SteelSeries made the Apex 350 so that you could react quickly, move strategically and customize your performance on a per-game level. The low profile design coupled with the fast action keys will give you the competitive edge by allowing you to react more quickly. This keyboard can also be customized with SteelSeries Engine 3, with many more options than the Apex 300. You also get 16.8 million color illumination and the ability to change colors all over the keyboard as well as some low profile keys, making this a beautiful keyboard to look at.

Apex 350 Multicoloured

Apex M500-Cherry MX Reds

The whole idea behind the M500 is to play like a pro. This keyboard is supposed to add to the legacy that began when SteelSeries released their first mechanical gaming keyboard. The Apex M500 is an extremely durable piece of hardware, guaranteed to get to 50 million clicks on any keys. That is over twice as much as their other keyboards, and 5 times longer than most standard membrane keyboards. The board also features Cherry MX Red keys, which are industry leading gaming switches. These switches require low force and result in dramastically faster gameplay, making them the undisputed choice for professionals. Games tend to get decided in seconds, and these keys allow you to have as many seconds as possible.

That’s it Folks

Well, that is at least part one of my Steelseries Keyboard guide. I hope this has made looking through pages and pages of specs a bit easier, and if it did let me know so I can work on bringing you part two soon. I have left the higher end keyboards out of this week's guide, so if you are wanting to spend a little more scrilla on a keyboard then I will have the post for you, soon. In the meantime, check out my last post about the tech powerhouse Lenovo. Have a great week everyone, see you next time.